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Dual Robot Water Jet Cell

The cell consists of the following:

(2) Motoman MH 50-20 robots with 3103mm reach and 20kg payload capacity with +/-0.15mm repeatability with dual robot card interface.
(1) Flow 7XER-60 Redundant 50 HP pump for production reliability.
Stainless Steel High Pressure robot coil kits, cutting heads and finial hookup to the intensifier pump.
Cyclone type 25 HP Vacuum unit 42 inch diameter with all plumbing to the two working table butterfly valves including 1 auto lock dump valve and 1 Scrap hopper.
Two working Vacuum tables large enough to accommodate wide variety of products with fixture locating pins and ID plugs.
One operator safety Scanner for each working side to meet all safety regulations.
STI light curtains are utilized for the operator safety between him and the robots to meet all safety regulations.
The PLC & HMI is an AB brand touch screen easy to page from screen to screen.
The Beacon light on each side will aid the operator in the full functionality of the cycle.
The operator console station on each side to simplify the working cycle.


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